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The smart solution for the perfect lawn. This innovative robotic mower takes the 
hard work out of your hands.

Miimo is the smartest way to achieve the perfect lawn and keep it that way all year round. It calculates the size of your space and uses Map & Mow technology to cleverly cut around garden ornaments and furniture.
 It also creates a bespoke mowing calendar by using Smart Timer* to monitor the weather and the speed your grass grows.

With the Mii-Monitor app* and Amazon Alexa* connectivity, you can make adjustments remotely and even activate your mower using voice commands. 

The safety of your Miimo is guaranteed, with a unique security code - this sets a protective alarm that will sound if anyone picks up your Miimo, ensuring no one can use it but you

Honda HRM 70 Live

 Mowing Area 400-700m2

Cutting Time 45-75 mins

Charging time 45-60 mins

Cutting Height 30-50mm 



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