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Our top of the range Miimo brings a world of innovation and durability to your garden.
Advanced IPX5 waterproofing allows Miimo to work in all weathers and be cleaned 
with a hosepipe, while the heavy duty wheels – that come as standard – last longer 
and accumulate less mud and leaves while in use.

The HRM 4000 Live also comes with 
a flexible docking station that can be installed in a discrete location for it to charge. 
To make mowing easy, the Mii-Monitor app allows you to remotely adjust the cutting 
height, start, stop or drive Miimo, as well as manage mowing times. You can use 
GPS Tracking to check your Miimo’s position, and geofence an area for security alerts. 
Miimo also responds to Alexa commands so you don't even have to lift a finger when it 
comes to keeping your lawn in perfect condition

Honda Miimo 4000 Live

Mowing Area - 3000 - 4000m2

Cutting Time - 90 mins

Charging Time - 60 mins

Cutting Height - 20-60mm

Maximum incline 25 degrees

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