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The Kranzle 1050 series machines are built very similarly to their professional series pumps. 

  • High quality brass pump head with leakage feedback ystem and total-stop system
  • Advanced arrangement system, a space saving arrangement system for storing trigger gun with safety catch and lances
  • Integrated hose reel/drum, a practical hose drum with foldable crank and 12m steel braided high-pressure hose
  • Trigger gun with safety catch & quick release fitting
  • Flat jet stainless steel lance with brass quick release bayonet
  • Dirtkiller lance with brass quick release bayonet
  • Water inlet sieve with visible filter
  • Operating pressure - 130 bar/13MPa/880PSi
  • Water output - 7.5l/min
  • Motor speed - 2800rpm
  • Power intake/output - 2.2kW/1.65kW
  • Weight - 24kg

                  Kranzle 1050TST high pressure washer

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