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The powerful e-Ride S300 side-discharge garden tractor will mow larger areas quickly and efficently without the need to stop and empty the grass collector. Powered by a mighty 48V 30Ah premium brand (Li-Ion) battery that has been developed and tested by STIGA it can cover up to 3500sqm approx 45 minutes on just one charge! And with a generous 98cm cutting width, you'll cover more of your lawn in less time.

  • Battery powered/petrol-free garden tractor
  • Intuitive dashboard console with quick-press start button, alarm, battery status, and more
  • No brake pedal as the braking system is integrated within the electric engine system. Just release the transmission pedal and the tractor stops automatically.
  • Option to Side-discharge or rear discharge cut grass or even mulch
  • 98cm cutting width, adjustable to 7 different heights
  • 48V 30Ah battery included and standard charger included, a fast charger is available as an optional extra.

Stiga E-Ride S300 Battery Garden Tractor

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