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Enjoy hassle-free, cordless mowing with the added flexibility of our Fulcrum handlebar – its ergonomic design offers multiple working heights and positions on your STIGA Multiclip 547e mower. With two STIGA ePower 48 V batteries driving the brushless motor, you’ll easily cover 800 sqm on just one charge, spreading nutritious mulch across the grass as you mow.

  • Self-propelled, ergonomically designed mulching lawn mower
  • New Fulcrum handlebar – set the height and angle as you cut
  • Intelligent 1.5 kW low-maintenance motor delivers longer runtime
  • One centralised lever for easy cutting height adjustment
  • Two ePower 48 V 4 Ah batteries and dual charger included

                  Stiga MULTICLIP 547e S Kit Cordless lawnmower

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