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Adaptable and lightweight, with the MT 100e Kit (with battery 4,0 Ah) multi tool, there’s no need to climb ladders to take care of tall bushes and trees. Our ePower20V 4Ah battery gives you 70 minutes of cutting time and 20 minutes of pruning time on a single charge. Just plug in the hedge trimmer or pruner saw attachment, extend the telescopic shaft, and you’ll complete those essential gardening jobs quickly and easily – all while standing safely on the ground.

  • Battery multi tool provides continuous hedge cutting and pruning
  • Ergonomic, streamlined design with soft grip handle
  • Harness hooks into the multi-tool – for less effort and better balance
  • 55cm telescopic extension - body + tool can reach 2.75m (hedge trimmer) and 2.55m (pruner saw)
  • 455mm blade with 18mm tooth spacing cuts through medium-thick branches
  • 1 x STIGA ePower20V E 24 (4Ah) battery and charger included

                      Stiga MT 100e Kit Battery garden multi tool

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